Why Instagram & Snapchat Needed To Bring Back Chronological Order Yesterday ft. My Saltiness

The day Instagram removed chronological post order was a sad day for all of us. And then when Snapchat decided to AUTO UPDATE, it was like a double gut punch.

Instagram and Snapchat are the two main social media apps I use. But lately, I feel driven away from them because of the Terrible Update™. I should’ve known it’d all go downhill after they removed custom locations…

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#HonestApril- The Truth That’s Hidden In My Curls ft. A Writing Snippet!!

Heeeelllloooooo again blogosphere 😀

Today I’m participating in the #HonestAprilChallenge. It was created by Emily @ The Island of Me.

In #HonestApril, we will be using this month to share personal stories and experiences that we have gone through or struggled with. And she invited everyone to join her! You can see her post HERE.

Since Pre-School, I’ve always been the one Curly Girl. 

The only one in the room with a hair texture other than straight. And I was shy, I didn’t know how to defend myself from the hands, poking and prodding at my hair as if I were some kind of display case. 

WHOA! Someone with curly hair. Lets look at them like they’re on display at the zoo. -.-

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Silence Really Can Speak More Than Words- Emma Gonzalez’s Speech at #MarchforOurLives ft. Signs from the March

As a writer, you’d think that I would always choose words. 

After all, that is a writer’s weapon of choice, right? You cannot craft a book out of empty pages.

Most people believe that air, space, is a commodity that needs to be filled with words. I have met only a few people that can sit contently in silence, without feeling like there is something missing. That’s why there is so much useless chatter floating around.

Please take a few minutes to watch this speech. 

As soon as I finished watching her speech, I thought “Whoa.” In the beginning, I couldn’t figure out why… she only said a few words. But then I realized that was society’s voice, telling me that silence is taboo.

But then I realized it didn’t have to be.

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My Millionth Beginning…


My name is April McLauren. (Also, no it was not a coincidence that my first post is on April 1st.)

You may have heard of me from Eyes on Eleven, or Thoughts on Twelve, or April Dreams, or any of the million blogs in between.

So… you’d think I’d be good at first posts by now, right?

Hahahahahah. Funny joke, because NO.

When I was planning this blog, I was thinking of what I could talk about in this post to avoid #awkwardsilence in the comment section. I’ve read about all these post calendars, and how it helps bloggers plan out their life and balance blogging. So I tried to make one, but… I don’t have time to stick to a schedule like that! Ya girl is busy. So…

That’s right- this blog is going to be totally spontaneous!

I plan most things in my life. I run it by my parents, my friends, my family before I do it. Although I’m technically required to tell them when I do things, it can get hard to be random sometimes. Do things just to say I did them.

So… here I am. Being spontaneous.

Let’s see what adventures it’ll bring, huh?